Fidanza Flywheels

FIDANZA Lightened Flywheel

FIDANZA aluminum flywheels are made from the highest quality 6061 T6 aluminum.  The material is fantastic for strength, heat dissipation and of course reduction in weight.  The friction surface we use is an incredibly strong 1045 steel.   A Fidanza aluminum flywheel can mate with any type of clutch material, including organic, Kevlar, ceramic, metallic and sintered iron.  We attach the replaceable friction surface with military grade aerospace fasteners.  With these replaceable friction plates there is no need to replace the entire flywheel when the clutch or flywheel is at the end of it's life, saving time and money.


  • Reduced mass equals increased acceleration
  • A lightweight flywheel works particularly well with turbo-charged engines because it reduces typical turbo "lag"
  • Increased supercharger efficiency due to less parasitic drag on the crank
  • Improved mid-range torque in a normally aspirated engine due to not having to overcome the heavy weight of a stock flywheel