The all-new Venom air intake is here!

Arguably the most exciting new product since Pipercross launched the award-winning Viper sealed air intake, the all-new Venom is here and is set to shake things up!

Double conical design
Developed in conjunction with a leading WTCC team, the all-new Pipercross Venom incorporates a new double conical air filter design to increase surface area by over 40% when compared to a standard shaped cone. 

The increased surface area has two effects:

Increased maximum air flow or low restriction for any given volume of air flow and increased dust capacity meaning less servicing is required. 
The double conical filter gives the New Pipercross Venom the largest surface area of any after market enclosed intake system of this type available today. 

Designed around a high quality polypropylene chassis and heat shield which provides the Venom with an extremely light weight yet durable system. The polypropylene also offers excellent heat protective qualities ensuring the air entering your engine is at its coolest.

Other features include: 

Large 3" cold air feed pipe (upgradable to 4") 
Removable, cleanable replacement filter element